Happy Mommy’s Day!

Fear and wonder
Life takes on form
This is his world
This is his norm
You roll in the bed
To him its a storm
His world inverted
But its home, and its warm
Your fear makes him tense
Now your stomach’s in knots
He calms when your happy
He senses your thoughts
Now he is born
To a world unexplored
He’s screaming, and crying
I’m cutting the cord
‘Mommy loves you!
Mommy loves you!
Mommy loves you!
Mommy loves you!’
Now there is teething
And diapers, and toys
Daddy to wrestle with
Boys will be boys
The days are so busy
Our free time is gone
Eat, sleep, poop,
Put a new outfit on














He’s growing so fast
But now and again
He snuggles in close
To be a baby again


And when he is tired
A Daddy won’t do
A baby needs mommy
And Andy needs you



He looks in your eyes
Caressing your nose
Its time to be gentle
And snuggle up close


He has a tough act
He can be a big guy
But all that facade
Is really a lie
At heart, he’s a baby
Tender, and sweet
And nothing is better
Than breastmilk to eat
When he’s in your arms
All snuggled and curled
Remember your tummy was
Truly his world
He loves you so dearly
Its not hard to see
That you’re the best mommy
That ever could be!